The Real Secret to Saving Money

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We’re not a nation of savers. The typical American could not even cover a $5,000 emergency without having to borrow money. And big purchases? Nothing a swipe of plastic can’t take care of, right?

In Super Saving, the first lesson of Financial Peace University, Dave blasts through the hype and reveals the reasons why you should save money, how to be prepared for emergencies, and how to build genuine wealth—without luck or the lottery!

We want you to get excited about saving money! To start you off, we’ve provided a glimpse into Super Saving with a few saving basics and the secret to saving money.

Christian author Larry Burkett once said, “The only difference between saving and hoarding is attitude.” It is the Christian spiritual duty to take dominion over money. If we don’t, we surrender God’s resources to the enemy!

Saving money is about emotion and contentment, and it must become a priority!

Most people don’t save like they know they need to. Why? Because they have competing goals. The goal to save isn’t a high enough priority to delay their purchase of that pizza, DVD player, new computer or china cabinet. So they purchase, buy and consume their dollars away or, worse yet, go into debt to buy these things.

The debt brings monthly payments that control our paycheck and make us say things like, “We just don’t make enough to save any money!” Wrong, wrong, wrong! We do make enough to save money. We just aren’t willing to quit spoiling ourselves with our little projects or pleasures to have enough left to save.

It doesn’t matter what you make—you can save money. It just has to become a big enough priority.

If a doctor told you that your child was dying and could only be saved with a $15,000 operation that your insurance would not cover and could only be performed nine months from today, could you save $15,000? Yes! Of course you could! You would sell things, stop any spending that wasn’t required to survive, and take two extra jobs. For that short nine months, you would become a saving madman. You would give up virtually anything to accomplish that $15,000 goal. Saving would become a priority.

The secret to saving money is to make it a priority, and that is done only when you find some healthy anger or fear and use that emotion to guide your personal decisions.

Then ask yourself: Which bill is the most important? After tithing, who should I pay first this month? The answer is you!

Advertisers and marketers are great at affecting our emotions and making us see our wants as needs. It is time for this to stop! Emotions make great servants, but they are lousy masters. No matter how educated or sophisticated we are, if we’re not saving, then we’re being ruled by our emotions rather than harnessing them.

So whether you are saving for college tuition, a vacation, school clothes for the kids, or anything else, start saving now! It’s never too late!

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