The One Question That Can Change Everything About Your Day

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Throughout your day you need to be asking yourself one important question.

You need to ask it as you wake up, brush your teeth, dress your kids, and drive to work—as you sit in meetings, wait in line at the grocery store, and eat dinner. Whatever your day looks like, you need to look at everything you do with this question in mind: Am I doing this for God’s glory?

That’s a pretty strange question to ask yourself when you’re brushing your teeth or sitting in the car. But God doesn’t call us to glorify Him in just the big, exciting, earth-moving things. Nope. In 1 Corinthians 10:31 (NIV), we’re told to glorify Him in everything: “So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.”

Biblical stewardship is all about managing God’s blessings God’s way for God’s glory. The first two (managing God’s blessings God’s way) are pretty easy to recognize. Is this thing a blessing from God? Answer: Always yes. And am I managing this blessing God’s way? Well, if you know what the Bible teaches, you can usually determine pretty quickly whether or not you are.

It’s that third part—for God’s glory—that can be a little tricky or downright easy to forget.

Doing everything for God’s glory means you’re giving God the credit, finding a way to point what you do back to Him, or using the time to focus on Him.

You glorify God when you shift your attitude to one of reflection, meditation and prayer as you’re going through your day. That attitude shift allows you to approach everything differently—even the most mundane tasks. And it changes how you answer the question, Am I doing this for God’s glory?

When you’re brushing your teeth, ask yourself: Am I doing this for God’s glory? “Yes” might mean you use that time to pray for your children, your spouse, or a friend who is struggling with their health.

When you’re stuck in traffic on your commute home, ask yourself: Am I doing this for God’s glory? “Yes” might mean you choose gratitude over frustration, thanking God for the career and the car that led you to that spot in traffic and for the house and family you’re going home to. Or it might mean you pray for the driver who just cut you off instead of honking at them.

When another person on your team at work thanks you for some great, godly advice around some personal issues, ask yourself: Am I doing this for God’s glory? “Yes” might mean you give credit to the Holy Spirit for speaking through you.

All of those choices glorify God. Ready to try it out?

Choose a day this week and ask throughout your activities, Am I doing this for God’s glory? Take note, and pay attention to how answering honestly changes your attitude, your outlook, and your relationship with God.

Because ultimately, our days consist mostly of the little things—and it’s in those seemingly little things that we find the greatest opportunity to glorify Him.

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