The Best Thing You Can Do Before New Year's

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Hey you! Yeah you—with your red and green storage bins and monogrammed resolutions list.

Hold your horses, go-getter.

We know, we know. There’s no time. You’ve got decorations to stow away and a home, body and budget to whip into shape. We’re right there with you. The New Year really is the perfect time to get moving on our goals.

But for the next few days, we’re asking you to set everything aside and just, well, breathe.

Christmas is often the best kind of fun. Of course, it’s also exhausting. The holiday season was a busy one for all of us. If we want to make the most of the coming year, we’ve got to slow down a bit.

Commit to a week of pause by following the suggestions below.


If you’re like us, you’ve been stuffing your face with cookies and casseroles since the last week of November. Give yourself—and your kitchen—a break. Don’t worry about eating healthy or losing weight just yet. Instead focus on meals that are fresh and simple and take less than 10 minutes to make.

Take a nap

A real nap. Not relaxing in bed scrolling through Facebook. We’re talking about falling asleep on the couch while the sun is shining and an old movie plays on TV. You’ve got a big year ahead—you’ll need your rest. And, hey, we won’t judge if this becomes a weekly occurrence. In fact, we encourage it!

Go for a walk

It’s time we leave the shopping malls and head to the great outdoors. Grab the whole family for a walk after dinner or start your day off with a stroll before breakfast. You don’t even have to leave your neighborhood to reap the benefits of a little fresh air.

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Do something you love

Invest a few hours in your favorite hobby. Read a book, watch a movie, play your guitar, go for a run, bake or sew. Do something that engages you and brings you joy. If you need help making this happen—your spouse to watch the kids, for example—just ask.


Think about the past year. What are you most proud of? What do you kinda sorta want to forget? Who influenced you—and who did you influence? How did you spend your time? Be sure to rejoice in the year’s victories and make peace with any defeats.

Make plans to spend the next few days in refresh mode. Don’t even think about hitting the gym or tackling the basement. Give yourself time to recharge—physically, mentally and spiritually—and you’ll be better prepared to conquer your goals.

Happy New Year, everyone!

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