Free Download: Monthly Cash Flow Plan

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The word “budget” sends most people running for the hills . . . or at least from their calculators. But having a budget helps you take control of your money. It gives you the ability to tell every dollar where it should go. You’re the boss! We have a tool that will help you manage your money and kick your fear of budgeting!

The tool is a free download of our Monthly Cash Flow Plan. This form allows you to plan out, in advance and on paper, where every dollar will go for the month. You’ll be prepared for both regular and easy-to-forget expenses throughout the year. You’ll also feel more confident when making purchases because you know you can actually pay for them. It’s a simple, organized way to stay on top of your giving, saving and spending.

Research shows that people who follow a zero-based budgeting system like this one pay off 19% more debt and save 18% more money than those who don’t. If you’ve got 30 minutes to spare each month, you can reach—and even succeed—your financial goals. Stick with the budget, and you might just move something else to the top of your resolution list next year.

Download the free monthly cash flow plan now.

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