12 Ways to Keep Your Kids Busy on a Snow Day

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Here’s a little fact that’s insane but true: We’re still weeks away from spring. Weeks!

If you’re lucky, just when you can’t stand the cold any longer, you’ll get a snow day. And when that glorious day comes, you’ll be ready because you studied this list.

February’s afternoon activity is perfect for southern snows and northern snows alike. Determine your snow situation and encourage your kids to dive right in—with hats and gloves on, of course.

If your snow day includes real snow:

Did your grass disappear in the night? Do your legs sink when you take a step outside? Are your kids staring out the window in awe? Then you, my friend, have real snow. Don’t waste it! Bundle up the whole family and get outside right away.

1. Make snow angels and snowmen. Plop down on the ground and show your kids how a professional makes snow angels. Then lend your expertise to building the biggest snowman ever.

2. Take watercolor painting outside. Fill spray bottles with cold water and a few drops of food coloring. Draw a picture in the snow or decorate your snowmen and snow angels.

3. Serve snow slushies a la Ms. Paula Deen. Mix eight cups snow with one can sweetened condensed milk and one teaspoon vanilla. Serve immediately.

4. Host a semi-organized snowball fight. Divide the neighborhood kids into two teams and assign a home base for each group. Take a few minutes to form your weapons and get to throwing!

5. Collect snowflakes. Place dark construction paper in the freezer until firm. Hold the paper out in the falling snow. Then grab a magnifying glass to spot similarities and differences between the flakes.

6. Create a bucket-pull. Find a bucket with handles or holes on the side. Loop a strong rope or cord through the opening and tie it tight. Give each kid a turn riding through the snow. Then teach them how to pull each other around.

If your snow day includes kinda-sorta snow:

Can you spot your neighbor’s roof shingles? Did your town’s meteorologist apologize this morning? Are your kids frantically layering up before it all melts away? If so, you’re dealing with a kinda-sorta snow situation. Let the kids enjoy it for a bit and then bring them inside where the real fun begins. 

7. Fire up Frozen. Cuddle up on the couch, pass out blankets, and watch everyone’s favorite winter movie. You could also check out other cold-weather classics like Ice Age, Cool Runnings or The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.

8. Hold a baking contest. Shop your pantry for staples like flour, sugar and baking powder. Search online for a sugar cookie recipe and mix up a batch. Divide the dough evenly and challenge each person to make creative cookie shapes. Bake and enjoy!

9. Build a fort. You’ll need blankets, furniture and imagination. That’s it. Get your kids involved in the planning and work to build the best fort around. Toss games and books inside and let them play.

10. Pay up for help. Offer commissions on chores you just haven’t gotten around to yet. Pay a dime for every sock that finds a mate or a quarter per empty trash can. Make chores optional and be sure to keep the mood light.

11. Set up a slide. Collect your sleeping bags and ask everyone to meet you at the top of the stairs. This one takes guts, but we know you’re up to the challenge. Sit on the first step, scoot all the way into the bag, and slide away! Repeat until your bums are numb.

12. Make snow globes. Grab mason jars, a hot glue gun, small forgotten toys or figurines and sugar. Secure the figurines to the lids with glue and pour sugar in the jar. Attach the lids firmly and flip. Viola!

We hope you enjoy any upcoming snow days—be they a wet, slushy mess or a white wonderland.

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